ENERGY GROUP a.s. Prematlak a.s.

PREMATLAK member of Energy Group

PREMATLAK is the biggest Slovak producer of mechanical machines to measure the pressure and temperature acting in the central and Eastern Europe.

PREMATLAK develops, produces, sells and provides service of wide assortment of barometers (from standard to etalon) and mechanical and electrotechnic thermometers, accessories to barometers and thermometers, scanners of pressure and temperature and supplies the spare parts.

PREMATLAK offers services in areas of development of special barometers, custom manufacturing, special production according to concrete requirements of clients, above standard guarantee, trainings and seminaries about products, guarantee and after-guarantee service, consulting service in areas of pressure and temperature measuring.

PREMATLAK is long-term and certificated supplier of measuring and regulating technic for companies like SPP Bratislava, Duslo Šaľa, Slovnaft Bratislava, Slovenské Železnice, ENEL (atom power plant Mochovce), RWE, MOL Budapest, MAV (Hungarian railways)
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